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My wish is that you are blessed with the sex of your choosing as you follow these steps and experience the exquisite BLISS like many others have.

I remember teaching one of my friend's next door neighbours. She had just married for the second time, already had 3 boys, and really wanted a girl. By consultation over the phone I taught her how to chart and use the simple techniques which are taught in my book. I remember her saying to me, "If this works I am going to name my girl after your daughter" and she did; she too has a beautiful daughter named Bianca. This to me is so very SPECIAL and I want this for you as well.



Coral M Majoor is co-author with Anthony Robbins, Wayne Dyer, Marie Diamond, Michael Bennett and many other inspirational leaders in the book series "WAKE UP ... LIVE the LIFE YOU LOVE" - Stories of Transformation by Steven E and Lee Beard, you can read her remarkable story "Never Ever Give Up" and see how these modalities have helped her and many others

Extract from my story .......

   During that time, I also had a frozen shoulder that had crippled me for months.  I lost the use of my right arm and could not even hold a pen. The doctors told me I had suffered a stroke, but I knew I hadn't.  I decided to try BOWEN therapy, and after only two visits I could hold a pen again. The therapy balanced my body.  I was so amazed by the results I enrolled in classes to learn how to treat others with this type of therapy. Since I began practicing BOWEN, I have seen amazing things happen.     I once saw a five-year-old girl with tonsillitis healed through BOWEN therapy, so much so she no longer required surgery. I have also seen children with cerebral palsy able to move freely again.

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