Reiki Healing is channelled universal life force energy using gentle contact through a sequence of hand positions.  I access Reiki energy which enhances the body’s sense of wellbeing and supports the body’s natural healing ability.

I have been able to utilise these methods for healing in others, even when they are not physically present, by tuning into their energy fields.

Reiki is safe for children (they love it) and can also be used on animals.


TEACHING REIKI I REIKI II and Masters Phone 0402 329 425 or SMS your enquiry

Common results from Reiki Treatment include

- Helps with fertility

- Safe during pregnancy

- improved sleep

- improved moods

- reduced anxiety

- pain relief

- relieves withdrawal from addiction

- relieves colds, flu, headaches, burns, cuts & stings

- reduces stress & provides deep relaxation

If you would like to make an appointment, my contact details are on the Home page